Press release

Two Worlds (EP)

The starting point of this EP dates back to 2016 when I started out a bunch of ideas but never got around finishing them. In 2017 I decided to pick the best ones of those ideas, finish them up and compile them into an EP. Now finally in 2018 those tunes are seeing the light of day with this release.
— Axel

Listen the songs below:


1. AKASHA (Eastern, beats, melodic, contrast, dreamlike)

The opening track ’Akasha’ takes the listener through a rollercoaster ride from slowly evolving beautiful melodies to hard hitting beats heavily featuring Indian percussion and instrumentation with a deep and rumbling bass. The song is all about contrast and surprise, keeping the listener engaged and interested in what happens next. It’s an interplay between soft and hard hitting, beautiful and catchy.


2. SALOMON (Peaceful, hectic, epic, deep, variation)

Salomon continues the theme of contrast that is present throughout the EP. The track calms the energy down a little bit, with soothing rhodes chords and dreamy melodies, but not for long, as the song intensifies in the drop with trap-esque drums and percussion, accompanied with a bouncing hybrid flute pattern. The breakdown features a beautiful melody played with an indian violin that builds up the tension for the second drop. Finally the song comes to a climax with a post-rock like intensity.


3. ECO (Sunny, beats, bouncy)

The third track ’Eco’ is more reliant on repetition with an irresistible flute melody that serves as the foundation of the song. The beat features bouncy reggae-esque guitars and a heavy-hitting beat with an equally bouncy baseline that transforms into a deep boneshaking variation. Eco is a catchy blend of eastern and western with a forward-driving and complementing drumbeat.


4. CASCADE (Deep, space, epic, trippy, dark)

Cascade represents a turning point in the musical journey of Two Worlds. Heavily influenced by old-school dubstep Cascade is a trippy and enchanting jam with morphing baselines and vocal melodies accompanied by groovy drums and percussion. The song explodes at the end with earth shattering square and neuro bass sounds with a hard hitting hybrid string pattern on top.

5. DUNYA (Eastern, euphoric, emotional, energetic) 

The closing track ’Dunya’ brings the EP to an euphoric closure. Built around a glitching piano chord sequence and a south asian chant the song is an emotional and uplifting blend of east and west. It features futuristic and juicy synth sounds that inject energy into an otherwise organic mix of sounds.