Two Worlds audiovisual

(release date: Friday 30th of November)

the concept


Sometimes it feels like a greater force is guiding you through life. Oftentimes it’s only a fantasy, but sometimes the surrounding magic is real. Two Worlds is a musical journey to the human psyche, depicted from the perspective of three individuals who are trying to overcome obstacles in their minds. First they will have to come to peace with who they are in order to let go of the ego. But what is behind the momentum of life? Is existence random in its nature or are events predetermined?


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1. Akasha

The mind can be the worst of prisons. We all have the desire to experience the world around us - to feel, move, and surrender to our senses and passions. Fear, anxiety and self-doubt are forces that keep us from living our lives to the fullest. Akasha is trapped between these two worlds of freedom and constraint, yearning to break free of the crippling emotions holding her from realising her dreams. She must come to terms with herself in order to break free, but in order to do that she must overcome the winter of delirium that surrounds her inner being.

2. Salomon

Although a person might seem calm on the outside, there can be a storm brewing beneath the surface. Who am I? That is a question that has no easy answers. We consist of thoughts and inner voices that are often in contradiction with one another. We try to make sense of it all and find structure amidst the chaos, but often to no avail. Depression, unrest and sadness are forces that keep us from finding the inner peace. Salomon is lost in his mind and tries to fight off the desperation in his soul. He must face the dark force that nests deep within himself to find his way into the light.

3. Eco

There can be a disparity between who one is and who one wants to be. This contradiction can slowly eat away one’s inner self and drive one to the brink of madness. We are told stories that define us from the outside in, what it means to be virtuous and successful, and the inner self can get smashed into oblivion in the process. Eco has managed to climb the corporate ladder to the top, but there still seems to be this emptiness inside him, just like in the people who surround him. He can’t deny his connection to nature anymore and finds himself in a fantasy of purity, beauty and calmness of the Mother Earth. He must find a way to the present moment in order to find happiness again.

4. Cascade

Since the beginning of time there has been a cascading flow of events - cause and effect... brute force. Atoms clash to one another, forming molecules, matter, galaxies and planets. We, as organisms constructed of those atoms, are a part of that flow, not apart from it. It is an eternal feature of reality, and events occur under it’s rule. To which degree are our thoughts our own? Is there a force behind the curtain of matter, a conductor of the symphony of time? One thing is certain - something seems to be occurring and the nature of it is deeply mystical.



5. Dunya

We carry with us the burden of ’me’. It defines our being and we see the world through its eyes. Akasha, Salomon and Eco find themselves in a new place, the final destination. There is a force that draws them in, and they have no choice but to surrender. They need to leave behind their identities and let go of the stories that define them in order to find the spaciousness that rests behind the ego.


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